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The Ethereum builder: “The world is going to be bridges & chains” - Arjun Bhuptani, Connext
Nina talks with Arjun about his Web3 path and building on Ethereum, the original Connext mission of how to bring Ethereum to a billion people, the evolution and state of bridging, scalability/interoperability, the concept of roll-ups... [25.04.2024]
The Venture Capitalist: “Explain your company in 11, 30 or 90 seconds.” Aly Madhavji, Blockchain Founders Fund
Nina talks with Aly about his path to Web3, his multipolar view of crypto and blockchain tech from pre ICO era to 2024, legacy tech founders vs. Web 3 founders, traditional VCs vs. Web3-focused VCs, helpful pitch tools for founders, Blockchain FF practices and project selection process, bear vs. bull market proposal dynamics, blockchain pessimism, […]
The Catalyst: “I hate banks but like technology” From financial injustice to Web 3 - Michael Rosmer, De.Fi
Nina talks with Michael about an eclectic assortment of topics: who Michael is and his interest in Web 3, views on financial injustices within corrupt government systems, the pace of innovation of an open system, international banking, co-founding De.Fi and more [21.03.2024].
On-chain ZK Privacy Talk with Kieran (Kai) Mesquita, Contributor to Railgun
Nina talks with Kai about his path to Web3 and Railgun, importance of data hygiene practices, the state of privacy in crypto and Web3, the role of AI in privacy, ZK tech, Railgun as a privacy protocol, chain deployment and usage, address shielding and regulatory implications, Private Proofs of Innocence (PPIs), Railgun use cases, NFTs, […]
Stability Talk with Klay Nichol, COO & Co-Founder of the Stability Protocol
Nina talks with Klay about his TradFi banking background and bringing institutions to the blockchain space, working for Mike Novogratz, key barriers to advancing institutional adoption, public vs. private blockchains and Stability Protocol as a tokenless & feeless concept [15.02.2024]
DeFi, Liquidity & AI Deep Dive with VCRED Founder and CEO Vijay Lakshminarayanan
Nina talks with Vijay about his path to Web3 and his interest in trading and arbitrage, VCRED and its purpose, cornerstones of DeFi and relevant terminology, the liquidity issue, arbitrage, exchange dynamics, CLOBs, VCRED’s AI liquidity layer and much more [01.02.2024].
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