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🔈 Blockchain Recorded Podcast, an independent Web3 educational podcast 🔈
Our Story 
💡 Our co-founding team met in 2018 post the turbulent ICO era. After several mutual project collaborations bounded by shared values and trust, we founded the Blockchain Recorded Podcast in early 2021. Since its inception, BRP has gained recognition as a high-value educational Web3 content creator and provider.
Our Purpose
💡 We aim to evoke knowledge-sharing and learning by fostering a blended community of builders, users and investors. We believe in objective, quality podcasting and its purpose of giving voice to pioneers within the space. Evolving education and discourse with ethically bound values are key elements in our BRP team’s DNA
Our Focus 
💡 Our fundamentals include:

⚡️ focus on privacy, censorship resistance & on-chain solutions
⚡️ deep preliminary research
⚡️ presentation of high-value educational content

We focus on the fundamentals of modern blockchain technology and topics such as decentralized networks, Layer 2s, NFTs, application-layer solutions, blockchain enterprise adoption, DAOs, governance and more within the world of Web 3.
Blockchain Recorded Podcast Studio
Dr. Tali Rezun
Nina CerarSilvo Fortuna

The Team

🔥 The podcast is hosted by Nina Cerar, an ex-corporate finance professional with multicultural experiences ranging from investment banking to organizational and social psychology. Today she is a freelance consultant in the blockchain/Web3 space.

🔥 Dr. Tali Režun is the podcast’s producer. As head of Block Labs R&D with UN/CEFACT blockchain expertise, he is a long-time entrepreneur, active researcher, scholar and lecturer. Tali is our team’s guiding light.

🔥 Silvo Fortuna is the podcast’s audio engineer with over 26 years of experience in the audio production and radio broadcasting industry. He created over 10k radio shows, published 50+ radio songs, produced 40+ mixed compilations and edited an endless number of audio commercials.

Our eclectic trio with varying skill sets shares a common purpose:

To facilitate knowledge and evolve education with the highest level of integrity.