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From Monopoly to Mutualism: How GameFi and Web3 are Transforming the Business Models of the Gaming Industry?
The panel covers the topic of monopoly to mutualism with respect to GameFi and Web3 transforming business models of the gaming industry. The panel first identifies the issue of playability & usability vs. centralization & decentralization as well as the main challenges within GameFi. [01.06.2023]
GameFi & The Metaverse: A New Frontier for Virtual Events & Conferences
The panel intertwines the topic of Gamification and the Metaverse with respect to virtual events by first speaking about how the way we communicate has changed drastically with the emergence of AR/VR/XR. [25.05.2023]
The Future of Work: How GameFi and the Metaverse Can Transform Remote Collaboration
The panel covers the topic of work in the future with respect to the Metaverse and GameFi. Remote collaboration through the Metaverse can provide diversity, global connection, commute time savings, etc. But how do we give an equal chance to everyone everywhere globally? [18.05.2023]
Web3 Healthtech Talk with Pradeep Goel, the CEO of Solve.Care
We talk to Pradeep about his extensive health tech background and mission, defining fundamental healthcare elements and common issues, the “silo” problem, the global nature of the relationship-based platform model, the importance of healthcare choice, and the technicals of Solve.Care and L2 chain. [11.05.2023]
The Future of Education: How GameFi & Metaverse Can Transform Learning
The panel covers the topic of education and how GameFi and the Metaverse can transform learning. Since human education is getting increasingly globalized, it is key to dedicate importance to the curatorship of content. Speakers further identified some challenges and drawbacks of using the Metaverse in education as well as the need for educator and […]
Evmos Talk with Nic Z., Co-founder of Evmos
Nic talks to us about his background with the infamous Blockchain at Berkeley group, the genesis story of Evmos with a context dive of Cosmos and Cosmos SDK, the Tendermint consensus protocol, the story of Ethermint, the hub role of Evmos and more. [20.04.2023]
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