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We believe in educational, objective, ethically bound podcasting
and its purpose of giving voice to pioneers in the Web3 space
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About Blockchain Recorded Podcast Team

Nina Cerar
Silvo Fortuna
“I was stuck in an unfulfilling corporate rat race during my early career years. It felt constricting and non-contributing to society. The more I delved into the crypto space, the more I became intrigued and found the meaning behind fundamental concepts. So here I am, furthering the Web3 & blockchain discussion with my dream team.”
Nina Cerar
Co-founder & Host
“Audio production has been my passion since I can remember. The fascination of technology being put together to create new sounds and record spoken words intrigued me. My professional and academic career took me in a different direction, but the Blockchain Recorded Podcast gives me the opportunity to use my past production knowledge and join it with my latest mission of blockchain exploration.”
Dr. Tali Rezun
Co-founder & Producer
“I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to do what I love for a living. My first passion was music and radio production, which I have been doing professionally since 1983. My second passion is the crypto and blockchain world, so what better way to combine these passions than into a podcast.”
Silvo Fortuna
Co-founder & Sound Engineer

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Recent Episodes

Web3 Self-Custody Talk with Aleksei Zakharov, founder of Ottr Finance
🔈Aleksei Zakharov is the founder and CEO of Ottr Finance. He speaks about his path to Ottr, the importance of self-custody and interoperability with legacy systems, wallet security and dual encryption, interoperability with Solana’s Saga phone, network congestion troubleshooting, KYC user data collection and privacy, Ottr’s roadmap, early adopter incentives, and more. [09.02.2023]
Web3 Land “Tooling” Talk with Thom Ivy, the Founder of Valar
🔈 Thom Ivy is the founder of Valar, a platform for decentralized migration and property services, and furthermore, a solution for DAOs to acquire and administer land, along other land-related tooling for Web3. [20.01.2023]
Embedding philanthropy in money with Glo, Jeffrey Milewski and Jasper Driessens
🔈 We speak about founding non-profit Glo, the Glo dollar, extreme poverty, clarification of basic income, the rebranding of Glo and how it works, the social impact, users & recipients, challenges, technicals, USD peg and much more. [22.12.2022]
Web3 Membership Talk with Julien Genestoux, Founder & CEO of Unlock Protocol
🔈Julien Genestoux is the Founder & CEO of Unlock. He speaks to us about his entrepreneurial background, path to Web 3 and building Unlock, NFTs in the form of membership, the Unlock protocol and its use cases, security and privacy [05.12.2022].
Personalization of Finance with Emmanuel Daniel
🔈 Emmanuel Daniel is a global thought leader in the future of finance. His deep understanding of the evolution of finance is also reflected in his new book “The Great Transition - The Personalization of Finance is Here” [21.11.2022].
Decentralized VPN Talk with Travis Cannell, Head of Product at Orchid Labs
🔈Travis talks about his entry into the crypto space, Web 2 vs. Web 3 growth marketing, censorship, Orchid’s strategy as a decentralized VPN system vs. service, Orchid’s probabilistic nano payment system, EVM compatible multi-chain strategy and OXT staking with an illustration of Orchid’s core architecture and multi-hop features [07.11.2022]
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