4thTech Round Table 2021

πŸ”ˆ Decentralised digital data exchange and multi-blockchain application advantages [20.04.2021]. πŸ”ˆ

Episode 01

Blockchain industry ROUND TABLE covering decentralised digital data exchange and multi-blockchain application advantages.
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⚑️ Blockchain has been acknowledged, which’s a fact by now. With its ability to improve online trust, transparency, efficiency, blockchain is developing at a light speed with the potential to revolutionise digital communication and collaboration. To enable future adoption, foundations must be built, so future users can benefit from this new special technology. The 4thTech Round Table was the first event organized by the Blockchain Recorded Podcast. It took place on April the 20th, 2021. One and a half hour event was specially designed for blockchain users who want to deeply immerse in the topic of decentralised electronic data exchange, blockchain network protocols and multi-blockchain application advantages. The round table also explores the understanding of blockchain enterprise adoption and dived into examples, trying to build the current up-to-date adoption perspective. 
With You
🎀 Nina Cerar, Blockchain Recorded Podcast 

🎀 Dr Tali Rezun, founder and head of the 4thTech initiative
🎀 Josip Maricevic, Tolar HashNet CTO
🎀 Thom Ivy, Chief of Staff at Commonwealth Labs, builder of Edgeware & Director of Edgeware’s Agency
🎀 Denis Jazbec, 4thTech CTO and solution architect
🎀 Anton Dobrina, 4thTech legal and legislation advisor
🎀 Roman Dobrina, 4thTech founder and Pharma Expert
🎀 Silvo Fortuna, 4thTech Support
πŸ”₯ This episode is also sponsored by 4thTech. 4thpillar Technologies or short 4thTech is next-gen multi-chain platform that enables E2EE (i.e. end-to-end encrypted) Web3 communication & data management in the form of dID, dMail, dChat & dNotary.
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