September Talk with Denis Jazbec

πŸ”ˆ September Talk with Denis Jazbec, 4thTech CTO, a veteran blockchain developer and a Kawasaki Ninja rider. [10.09.2021]. πŸ”ˆ

Episode 03

The Talk reveals the thought process of Denis Jazbec covering blockchain as a fundamental technology breakthrough for humanity, the importance of data privacy, data decentralization and decentralized data cloud storage solutions
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⚑️ Denis the human vs. Denis the developer and the motivation behind
⚑️ Blockchain today and where do we need it?
⚑️  The path to 4thTech full decentralization
⚑️ Blockchain, data privacy or Our data, Our control
⚑️ Decentralized data cloud storage, how it works and 4thTech solution
⚑️  Adding Solana as 4th supported chain, the process behind
⚑️  The importance of Ethereum decentralization
⚑️ Layer2 vs side chains
⚑️ Multi-chain Interoperability
⚑️ What would be a perfect development environment and what languages do you use 
⚑️ Advice to young developers
⚑️ Closing Thoughts
With You
🎀 Nina Cerar, Blockchain Recorded Podcast (@ninacerar10) 

🎀 Denis Jazbec, 4thTech initiative CTO (@denisjazbec)
Sponsor Section
πŸ”₯ This episode is also sponsored by 4thTech. 4thpillar Technologies or short 4thTech is next-gen multi-chain platform that enables E2EE (i.e. end-to-end encrypted) Web3 communication & data management in the form of dID, dMail, dChat & dNotary.
What is FOURdx dMail Protocol?
πŸ”₯ FOURdx open-source protocol leverages trust sourced from the blockchain and enables E2EE, immutable wallet-to-wallet dMail. The dMail (i.e. decentralized email) framework is built on public or DLT blockchains, enabling organizations and individuals to collaborate and exchange data in a secure and decentralised manner. The protocol records only links to encrypted JSON metadata files and checksum of the encrypted JSON metadata file on the blockchain, which safeguards the rights of individuals to confidentiality and privacy, while complying with GDPR. 
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