Web3 Land “Tooling” Talk with, Thom Ivy the Founder of Valar

🔈 Thom Ivy is the founder of Valar, a platform for decentralized migration and property services, a solution for DAOs to acquire and administer land, along with other land-related tooling for Web3. Thom is a protocol politician of three years and the former chief-of-staff at crypto-gov startup Commonwealth Labs. He previously led marketing, community, and later product for Edgeware, the first MainNet in the Polkadot ecosystem— in which 2% of all ETH participated at its 2019 launch. Thom's career started at his family's business, Credit Technologies, a credit reporting agency focused on the housing industry. Thom shares with us his views and motivation for founding Valar. He speaks about the importance of land as a medium, offline culture, consensus reality, his view on DAOs and decentralized governance, humane hierarchy models, the “network state”, the fundamentals and technicalities of the Valar protocol, the project’s pilot locations, Hyboria, the Valar team and further steps. 🔈

Episode 27

🔈Thom Ivy is the founder of Valar, a platform for decentralized migration and property services, and furthermore, a solution for DAOs to acquire and administer land, along other land-related tooling for Web3.
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⚡️ About Thom
⚡️ Importance of land
⚡️ Decentralized governance
⚡️ The “Network State”
⚡️ Valar protocol
⚡️ Hyboria
⚡️ Roadmap
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