Web3 Membership Talk with, Julien Genestoux Founder & CEO of Unlock Protocol

🔈 Julien Genestoux is the Founder & CEO of Unlock. He is a long-time software engineer and entrepreneur having built two profitable start-ups, one of which he sold to https://medium.com. Julien is a passionate and unconditional web advocate and hacker who is openly building and striving for better web business models for the “membership” economy vs. attention economy. He speaks to us about his entrepreneurial background, path to Web 3 and building Unlock, NFTs in the form of membership, the Unlock protocol and its use cases, security and privacy, Unlock protocol technicals, Unlock DAO, the Flocker app, the project’s further steps and its grant program [05.12.2022]. 🔈

Episode 25

🔈Julian speaks to us about his entrepreneurial background, path to Web3 and building Unlock, NFTs in the form of membership, the Unlock protocol and its use cases, security and privacy.
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⚡️ About Julien
⚡️ Attention vs. membership economy
⚡️ Membership NFTs
⚡️ Unlock protocol & use cases
⚡️ Unlock technicals & DAO
⚡️ Flocker app
⚡️ Roadmap
With You
🎤 Nina Cerar, Blockchain Recorded Podcast (@ninacerar10) & Julien Genestoux (@julien51)
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🔗 https://unlock-protocol.com/
🔗 https://www.ouvre-boite.com/

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Main goals of the sTRONger Together challenge:
⚡️ The main goal is to demonstrate the powerful ‘Together’ effect. As I use to say, Together is much more than a word, it’s magic
⚡️ We aim to show to the whole Crypto industry and beyond that, the Web3 revolution is not about competition but rather about cooperation.
⚡️ You know, we are really supportive, welcoming, open-minded and inclusive, it’s not a marketing speech
⚡️ This initiative is also a way to confirm our long-term commitment, regardless of the bear or bull market situation, and our determination to keep on building, every day guided by a long-term vision and a humanistic philosophy

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