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Stability Talk with Klay Nichol, COO & Co-Founder of the Stability Protocol
Nina talks with Klay about his TradFi banking background and bringing institutions to the blockchain space, working for Mike Novogratz, key barriers to advancing institutional adoption, public vs. private blockchains and Stability Protocol as a tokenless & feeless concept [15.02.2024]
DeFi, Liquidity & AI Deep Dive with VCRED Founder and CEO Vijay Lakshminarayanan
Nina talks with Vijay about his path to Web3 and his interest in trading and arbitrage, VCRED and its purpose, cornerstones of DeFi and relevant terminology, the liquidity issue, arbitrage, exchange dynamics, CLOBs, VCRED’s AI liquidity layer and much more [01.02.2024].
Arthera L1 Talk with CEO & Co-Founder Laurent Perello
Laurent is a Co-Founder and CEO of Arthera, a Layer 1 EVM-compatible and DAG-based blockchain platform. He is also the Founder of the Web3StrongerTogether Initiative and a former TRON DAO Blockchain Advisor with rich experience in business strategy and development. [21.12.2023]
Web3 Governance Security Talk with Martin Schmidt, Co-Initiator of Q Protocol
Nina talks with Martin about his path to Web3, Q Protocol, the on-chain governance space, what is “proper governance”, use cases within DAOs, the “constitution”, the term “beyond code is law”, the theory of incomplete contracts, critical Q governance elements and root nodes, Q blockchain characteristics, the DeFi element within Q, the Q culture and […]
Bringing Decentralized Storage to the Masses. Talk with David Tacer, PollinationX Co-Founder
Nina talks to David about his background and cryptography thesis, co-founding PollinationX, the landscape around decentralized storage, the PollinationX Drive, W3XShare, the testing process, dynamic NFTs, the revenue model, potential customers, further use case outlook, roadmap and Web3 adoption. [23.11.2023]
Data Enablement Talk with Lloyd Moore, CTO of Valence
Nina talks with Lloyd about his background and path to Valence as a startup, the importance of “data” and data ownership, Valence’s role and rebranding, Lloyd’s CTO role, a further dive into data enablement and data validation and more [19.10.2023]
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